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Make & Craft Magazine Feature - Valentine's Love Cushion Tutorial

Make & Craft Magazine Feature 
♥ Valentine's Love Cushion Tutorial ♥

Valentine Love Cushion as featured in Make & Craft Magazine

The February issue of Make & Craft is "full of projects that bring a twist of the Oriental into your home with Japanese influences and also a bunch of fab projects for Valentine’s themed around bringing hearts into your life!".  The latter projects includes the feature of my Valentine Love Cushion which ties in perfectly with the month of February! What could be better than making your loved one a special handmade gift for Valentine's Day or indeed for anytime of the year!  

Tutorial step showing how to transfer the design onto fabric

This tutorial uses fabric and paints as its base and there's also a bit of machine sewing involved but you could also sew by hand.  My favourite part about this project is an inexpensive technique to transfer quotes, designs and shapes onto your chosen fabric. I chose to make a cute cushion but the project notes can be applied to clothing, bags and lots of other accessories too.  My 'Valentine Love Cushion' feature can be found on pages 70-72!

This issue includes great handmade gift ideas ranging from origami, machine embroidery, teabag folding in 3D, gorgeous handmade cards and heart themed projects.  Stop by the Make and Craft website to find out more!

A big 'thank you' to the Editor Katharine Jewitt and the fabulous Make & Craft team!

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