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Make & Craft Magazine Feature - Dremel Engraving Project

Make & Craft Magazine Feature 
* Dremel Engraving Candle Holder Project *

Dremel engraving project as featured in Make & Craft Magazine

The March issue of Make & Craft is out now and includes my 'Candle Holder' engraving project! This project was created using the Dremel rotary tool which I reviewed for Make & Craft Magazine a little while back.  It's a fab tool which is really handy for crafters and those who love trying out new projects.   The kit came with 20 multi-purpose accessories including a wire brush, cutting wheel, polishers, sanders and engraving accessories and templates.

Tutorial step showing how to transfer a design onto glass

I designed a butterfly and floral design which was then engraved onto the glass candle holder.  This creates a really pretty effect once the candle has been lit!   Aside from using the Dremel for this project, I've also been engraving words onto stones, sanding, polishing and even carving designs into candles too! This feature can be found on pages 48-49!

The March issue includes Spring projects, Mother's Day makes, craft ideas for St David's Day and St Patrick's Day, hair accessories, bags and more!  Stop by the Make and Craft website to find out more!

A big 'thank you' to the Editor Katharine Jewitt and the fabulous Make & Craft team!

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