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Come Quilt With Me - Needlebook Tutorial

Come Quilt With Me
Quilted Needlebook Tutorial

The second project of 'Come Quilt With Me' is a needlebook tutorial provided by the lovely Hannah over at her blog Squintessential.  I definitely need one (or more) of these books for my large selection of needles and pins, and they really are perfect for storing such items.  They're also great for when you're on the go or travelling.  You can just take the needlebook, along with some fabric and get sewing - just like I'm planning on doing when basting the hexagon quilt I want to make.

The first thing I did was to take out my fabrics and narrowed down the choices to the ones you can see above.  I wanted the needlebook to have a floral, patchwork and vintage feel to it so picked out some flowers, vintage script and patchwork squares etc.

After reading through the tutorial and getting my materials together, I cut out the fabric and started sewing :-) 

 I adding the wadding, basted the quilt and progressed through the tutorial. 

All was coming along nicely until I realised that I has sewn the elastic for the closure to the front of the book (instead of the back), which meant the script fabric inside the book would be upside down.  Although most of the script text would be hidden by the inner felt layer, after pondering on what to do, I decided to cut and remove the elastic - pretty tricky without unpicking the needlebook but I got there in the end.

  I added a small strip of fabric, created my first button hole (through a bit of trial and error) and added a patterned cream button. Once the inner felt pages were added, my needlebook was complete! 

I love the way the needlebook turned out and I have already added pins and needles!  This project was a lot of fun and I definitely want to make more.  These cute needlebooks would also make great gifts!

The needlebook tutorial can be found here as part of the 'Come Quilt With Me' quilt-a-long! All are welcome to join!

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Way to go, it's looking fab x


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