Friday, 4 October 2013

Come Quilt With Me…. New Quilting Group Starting Up

Come Quilt With Me...

There's a new quilting group starting that I will be taking part in soon :-) It's going to be run by the lovely Hannah of Squintessential and she's blogged about it here.  Hannah will be sharing ideas, projects and tutorials to help inexperienced quilters like me :-)  One of the main aims of the group is to motivate and to share ideas and our work-in-progress etc.  Do stop by to find out more as it will be a fun, flexible and informal quilting group! 

I think this will be just what I need to get me started on all those quilting projects I've been wanting to try.  I recently made a mini quilt which was a lot of fun but I definitely want to do more but it's been hard to get motivated and set some time aside for quilting.  I'm hoping that the new quilt club will do that and also mean that I can create and make some presents for Christmas too.

p.s. I also created the banner you can see above for this group.  It's the first banner I've put together and I was pleasantly surprised with the way it turned out.  It will now be displayed on my blog so if you do decided to join at a later date you can click on it to be find out more about the group.

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