Saturday, 27 October 2012

Spooktacular Halloween Costumes ~ Witches, Vampires & Zombies Oh My...

Spooktacular Halloween Costumes 
Witches, Vampires & Zombies Oh My...

 Do you have your  spooky special or wicked witch costume ready? Are you ready for your Halloween parties and celebrations? 

This month my Halloween activities include making gothic jewellery and accessories (including minature clay pumpkins and witches hats), baking creepy cupcakes, Halloween craft tutorials and I'm currently given the 'Bloody Nurse' costume I bought a slight makeover :-) 

If you're stuck for ideas on what to wear, I've shared some of my favourite costumes from leading fancy dress shop 'Escapade', who not only have a store in London, but also have an amazing range of costumes and accessories available online!   

  The mix of a dark fairy tale, fantasy and romance, makes Edward Scissorhand one of my favourite films.  I also love the gothic architecture and the hauntingly sad beauty of Edward.  So it's probably no surprise that this 'Miss Scissorhands' costume was the first outfit that caught my eye when I was searching online for Halloween costumes to feature. 

Zombie Prom Queen

If you missed out on being prom queen, here's the chance to shine in Zombiefied version and it comes complete with the sash, gloves and tiara. I think this outfit would go perfectly with the 'Day of the Dead' make-up!


This steampunk sexy bat costume has a vampy and Victorian mix I love and the bat wings give it an more unusual style.  There's also a sexy steampunk Victorian vampire male costume! Don't they make a creepy but cute couple!


This Zombie 'Worked To Death' Secretary costume really made me smile and reminded me of some past working experiences! Not only is this outfit an ideal choice for Halloween parties but can you imagine turning up to your fancy dress work party in this :-)


I've featured two contrasting costumes above;- the vampire looks like an 'up to no good' kick ass temptress from those urban fantasy books I've been reading, while the witch's costume offers a more elegant and traditional style. 


No party could be complete without the Devil of Death aka the 'Grim Reaper'.  Unless you're already one of the 'undead' you'll need to make sure you stay on  his good side (if he has one)!

There were so many more costumes I wanted to feature from werewolves to fallen angels but you can check them out here.

More Halloween posts to come!

Until next time....

Jen :-)

*Thank you to Escapade for permission to use of the costume images for this blog post.

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