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Halloween Black & Orange Witch's Bag Tutorial

Halloween Tutorial
Black & Orange Witch's Bag 

I have another fun Halloween project for you today :-) This tutorial is to make a small black and orange Halloween tote bag out of felt. 


You Will Need

* Orange felt
* Black felt
* Black thread
* Orange thread
* Pins
* Scissors
* Rotary cutter and cutting mat
* Ruler
* 4 large buttons
* Sewing Machine

Any additional embellishments you may wish to use

Step 1 Cut out the following shapes out of the orange felt;-
* 2 pieces measuring  9” x 11” 
* 2 strips measuring 4" x 15"
*You will also need an additional strip of orange felt, measuring no bigger than 1" x 4" for the next step.

Step 2 Using the templates provided at the end of this tutorial, cut out the paper patterns for the letters ‘B O O’ and the outline of the witches hat.  Position the three letters on top of the black felt, then pin and cut out the shapes.  Do the same with black felt for the outline of the witch’s hat. 

* For the orange sash on the hat you can either print an extra copy of the witch hat template to use or you can estimate the size of the sash and cut directly from the smaller strip of orange felt.

Step 3 Now would be a good time to lay the hat and letters on one of the main orange piece and decide on where you want to position them.  You can pin the letters to the fabric, but do not pin the hat just yet.  

Step 4 Pin the sash on the witch’s hat and machine stitch around the orange border (just before the edge of the orange felt). Now you can pin the hat to the fabric.

Step 5 Machine stitch around the border of the hat and do the same with the letters.  You will also need to stitch the inner borders of each letter too. 

Step 6 With the front of the bag laying face up, add the remaining main piece of felt directly on top.  Pin the sides and the bottom edge of the fabric together.  Leave a 1/2" seam allowance and machine stitch the sides and bottom of the bag.  

Step 7 Create a 1/4" hem at the top of the bag by turning the edge over and pressing in place.  Fold the top over again, this time with a 1/2" hem line at the top.  Press then pin in place.

Step 8 Machine stitch close to the lower hem line around the whole top part of the bag. Turn the bag right side out as shown above.

Step 9 To create the straps, fold the remaining orange strips in half length ways and press along the fold with an iron. Machine stitch along the open end, leaving at least a 1/4" seam allowance.

Step 10 Turn the straps inside out.  I used a pin for this stage but you will need to be careful as the felt may tear or snag with too much pressure. Once the straps have been turned right side out, fold at least 1/2" of each end back inside the strap. 

Step 11 Press the straps flat then stitch around the all the sides of each strap. Try to keep the stitching just inside of the edges.

Step 12 I added the handle straps separately by hand stitching them to the top border of the bag with strong thread.  When stitching the handles make sure the thread doesn't go through to the back.   After securing the handles, cover over with some lovely black or orange buttons.

*Please feel free to use this template and pattern for your crafting projects.  I hope you have fun creating your own Halloween bag :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy crafting…

Jen :-)

© The Copyright for this Halloween Witch Bag pattern remains with the owner Jen Neil 


Halloween Templates

You may need to resize the image templates to follow the size guide used in this tutorial but you can also make the bag bigger or smaller to suit your needs. 

The ‘BOO’ letters used in the tutorial measured approx 3" (height) x 1.5" (width) each.

The hat template used measured approximately 5.5" (width) x 6.5" (height).

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