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Halloween Black & Orange Witch's Bag Tutorial

Halloween Tutorial
Black & Orange Witch's Bag 

I have another fun Halloween project for you today :-) This tutorial is to make a small black and orange Halloween tote bag out of felt. 


You Will Need

* Orange felt
* Black felt
* Black thread
* Orange thread
* Pins
* Scissors
* Rotary cutter and cutting mat
* Ruler
* 4 large buttons
* Sewing Machine

Any additional embellishments you may wish to use

Step 1 Cut out the following shapes out of the orange felt;-
* 2 pieces measuring  9” x 11” 
* 2 strips measuring 4" x 15"
*You will also need an additional strip of orange felt, measuring no bigger than 1" x 4" for the next step.

Step 2 Using the templates provided at the end of this tutorial, cut out the paper patterns for the letters ‘B O O’ and the outline of the witches hat.  Position the three letters on top of the black felt, then pin and cut out the shapes.  Do the same with black felt for the outline of the witch’s hat. 

* For the orange sash on the hat you can either print an extra copy of the witch hat template to use or you can estimate the size of the sash and cut directly from the smaller strip of orange felt.

Step 3 Now would be a good time to lay the hat and letters on one of the main orange piece and decide on where you want to position them.  You can pin the letters to the fabric, but do not pin the hat just yet.  

Step 4 Pin the sash on the witch’s hat and machine stitch around the orange border (just before the edge of the orange felt). Now you can pin the hat to the fabric.

Step 5 Machine stitch around the border of the hat and do the same with the letters.  You will also need to stitch the inner borders of each letter too. 

Step 6 With the front of the bag laying face up, add the remaining main piece of felt directly on top.  Pin the sides and the bottom edge of the fabric together.  Leave a 1/2" seam allowance and machine stitch the sides and bottom of the bag.  

Step 7 Create a 1/4" hem at the top of the bag by turning the edge over and pressing in place.  Fold the top over again, this time with a 1/2" hem line at the top.  Press then pin in place.

Step 8 Machine stitch close to the lower hem line around the whole top part of the bag. Turn the bag right side out as shown above.

Step 9 To create the straps, fold the remaining orange strips in half length ways and press along the fold with an iron. Machine stitch along the open end, leaving at least a 1/4" seam allowance.

Step 10 Turn the straps inside out.  I used a pin for this stage but you will need to be careful as the felt may tear or snag with too much pressure. Once the straps have been turned right side out, fold at least 1/2" of each end back inside the strap. 

Step 11 Press the straps flat then stitch around the all the sides of each strap. Try to keep the stitching just inside of the edges.

Step 12 I added the handle straps separately by hand stitching them to the top border of the bag with strong thread.  When stitching the handles make sure the thread doesn't go through to the back.   After securing the handles, cover over with some lovely black or orange buttons.

*Please feel free to use this template and pattern for your crafting projects.  I hope you have fun creating your own Halloween bag :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy crafting…

Jen :-)

© The Copyright for this Halloween Witch Bag pattern remains with the owner Jen Neil 


Halloween Templates

You may need to resize the image templates to follow the size guide used in this tutorial but you can also make the bag bigger or smaller to suit your needs. 

The ‘BOO’ letters used in the tutorial measured approx 3" (height) x 1.5" (width) each.

The hat template used measured approximately 5.5" (width) x 6.5" (height).

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Spooktacular Halloween Costumes ~ Witches, Vampires & Zombies Oh My...

Spooktacular Halloween Costumes 
Witches, Vampires & Zombies Oh My...

 Do you have your  spooky special or wicked witch costume ready? Are you ready for your Halloween parties and celebrations? 

This month my Halloween activities include making gothic jewellery and accessories (including minature clay pumpkins and witches hats), baking creepy cupcakes, Halloween craft tutorials and I'm currently given the 'Bloody Nurse' costume I bought a slight makeover :-) 

If you're stuck for ideas on what to wear, I've shared some of my favourite costumes from leading fancy dress shop 'Escapade', who not only have a store in London, but also have an amazing range of costumes and accessories available online!   

  The mix of a dark fairy tale, fantasy and romance, makes Edward Scissorhand one of my favourite films.  I also love the gothic architecture and the hauntingly sad beauty of Edward.  So it's probably no surprise that this 'Miss Scissorhands' costume was the first outfit that caught my eye when I was searching online for Halloween costumes to feature. 

Zombie Prom Queen

If you missed out on being prom queen, here's the chance to shine in Zombiefied version and it comes complete with the sash, gloves and tiara. I think this outfit would go perfectly with the 'Day of the Dead' make-up!


This steampunk sexy bat costume has a vampy and Victorian mix I love and the bat wings give it an more unusual style.  There's also a sexy steampunk Victorian vampire male costume! Don't they make a creepy but cute couple!


This Zombie 'Worked To Death' Secretary costume really made me smile and reminded me of some past working experiences! Not only is this outfit an ideal choice for Halloween parties but can you imagine turning up to your fancy dress work party in this :-)


I've featured two contrasting costumes above;- the vampire looks like an 'up to no good' kick ass temptress from those urban fantasy books I've been reading, while the witch's costume offers a more elegant and traditional style. 


No party could be complete without the Devil of Death aka the 'Grim Reaper'.  Unless you're already one of the 'undead' you'll need to make sure you stay on  his good side (if he has one)!

There were so many more costumes I wanted to feature from werewolves to fallen angels but you can check them out here.

More Halloween posts to come!

Until next time....

Jen :-)

*Thank you to Escapade for permission to use of the costume images for this blog post.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Miss Bohemia Halloween Giveaways & Features

Miss Bohemia 
Halloween Giveaways & Features

I'm taking part in lots of giveaways and have been featured on some amazing blogs this month and wanted to share them with you :-)  Stop by for a chance to win amazing prizes and for some Halloween fun too!

31 Nights of Halloween Giveaway

I've been interviewed and featured over a Laughing Vixen Lounge's blog as part of Night 16 of the attack of the '31 Nights of Halloween Giveaway'!

You can find out more about me including where the name 'Miss Bohemia' comes from, what inspires me and 2 of my favourite movies to watch at Halloween!  Kris over at Laughing Vixen Lounge has also highlighted a few of her favourites from my shop and while your there be sure to enter the 'Hallloween Giveaway' bonanza where you can win goodies valued at over $250 from fab shops including a choice of these from Miss Bohemia!

* Prize Packs from Miss Bohemia *
Click here to read the 'Miss Bohemia' Halloween feature & thank you to Laughing Vixen Lounge! :-)

Halloween Magic Under A Faerie Moon...

I've also been interviewed and featured over at Theresa of Faerie Moon Creations blog for some 'Halloween Magic' during the month of October!  You can find out what I love about Halloween, whether I prefer tricks or treats, my favourite Halloween costumes and some of my favourite movies and spooky tales here!  Theresa has also featured some of my jewellery, accessories and artwork on her blog,plus did I mention that there's also a chance to win one of my most popular keepsake box sets.  It has a Halloween theme and is complete with Halloween tags and a cute witch broom!  There are also lots of other giveaways, goodies and amazing artisans featured on Theresa's blog for this month!

Prize pack from Miss Bohemia

* Click here to read the 'Miss Bohemia' feature * 

Thanks Theresa!

Romance Book Junkies 
Halloween Spooktacular

Head on over to Danielle's blog  'Romance Book Junkies' for amazing Halloween giveaways, guest posts, interviews, short stories and contests! Lots of ways to take part and join the fun!

Danielle is generously offering readers a chance to win a Miss Bohemia Pink Gothic Prize Pack and much more!  

Miss Bohemia Pink Gothica Prize Pack
* Click here for more details *

Thanks Danielle :-)


More Halloween fun coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jen :-) 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Make & Craft Magazine Feature - Festive Folded Star Tutorial

Make & Craft Magazine Feature
*Festive Folded Star Tutorial*

 Issue 1 November 2012 of Make & Craft Magazine

I have some very exciting news to share with you today.  You may remember that I mentioned the new craft magazine 'Make & Crafton my blog a few weeks ago.  Well I'm happy to say that the first issue is now available and my festive folded star is featured on the front page  :-) There is also a 3 page step-by-step tutorial guide too!
 I used to make these stars with my mum (a long time ago) and she would do all the sewing by hand and I would do the folding.  These days I use a sewing machine for the main parts, but they can still be made and sewn by hand.  The stars we would make were circular in shape and similar to the festive star featured.  The ones I tend to make now range in style, design and shape and I often add different finishing touches such as the fancy gold trim border for a special festive finish.  

Although these mats are very versatile, traditionally they were used as potholders but they can also be used to dress up a table (i.e. as table mats), turned into wall hangings and used in Christmas cards.

There are many steps involved in making the star but luckily the majority of the steps are folding and pressing with some sewing around each layer and the border.

The first edition of Make & Craft is available by digital download from here.  Also, there's a 10 page sample of the Magazine here.  Check out the contents page for some other amazing projects including 'knit a gift', steampunk eyeglass case and crochet snowflakes.

I would like to say a special 'thank you' and 'congratulations' to Katharine Jewitt and the fab team at  Make & Craft!


Until next time...

Jen :-)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Giveaway Winner Announced Halloween Craft Giveaway

Giveaway Winner Announced 

*Halloween Craft Giveaway*

Congratulations to 'Rose Smith'

You are the winner of my 'Halloween' craft giveaway and have won 
* Samples of felt in black and orange (enough for at least 2 pumpkins)
* Pink and blue felt samples
* A set of 5 lightweight Halloween gift tags
* Orange & Black ‘Happy Halloween’ satin ribbon
* Plain gold & black satin ribbon
* 4 plain manila tags
Halloween charms - wolf, fangs, mini pumpkin, scary pumpkin & a spider
 A pair of handmade Halloween coasters

A BIG 'thank you' to everyone else who entered and promoted this giveaway :-)
Stayed tuned for another chance to enter my next giveaway! 
Details will be announced on this blog very soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jen :-)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

31 Nights of Halloween GIANT Giveaway over at Laughing Vixen's Lounge

Nights of Halloween GIANT Giveaway over at Laughing Vixen's Lounge

Head on over to Laughing Vixen's Lounge for an amazing Halloween GIANT Giveaway!   Lots of both creepy and pretty prizes to choose from with 12 different shops taking part and goodies valued at $250+.  The general information on the prizes and shops can be found here but also stop by here for each daily shop feature and extra prizes :-)

I am also participating in this giveaway and here's what you can win from Miss Bohemia :-)

Win your choice of 

Black Rose Gothic Jewellery Set 


Red & Gold Victorian Style Jewellery Set


As well as organising this fab giveaway, Kris over at  Laughing Vixen Lounge is also offering the chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate from her shop ! The Zombie Pin Up Girl Compact Mirror is just one of the amazing designs you will find there!

  You can also find Laughing Vixen Lounge's Etsy shop here and she is also on twitter and facebook!

So hop on your broomsticks to join the 31 Nights Of Halloween Giveaway Party and click here!

Jen x

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Featured Finds For A Handmade Halloween

Featured Finds For A Handmade Halloween

Continuing on with my Halloween features and celebrations, I have re-introduced some of my Halloween designs back into my Etsy shop for a limited period only.  

The first design I would like to show you is this cute ‘Trick or Treat’ Halloween purse, which is fully lined and perfect for your make-up or little essential items.

Next up is this cute Halloween Bracelet in silver, black and red, and complete with lots of creepy charms including and 'RIP' tag, pumpkin head, spider, spider web, witch, skeleton, crown, bat and ghost charms.

One of my other designs that is proving popular is my altered art Halloween Keepsake Box which has been painted in deep orange and hand stamped with Halloween related images and words.  I also made some matching spooky gift tags and found some cute mini brooms to include in this spooky set.

I also wanted to share these goodies from other talented artisans whose designs I love and some of which I own :-)

Aren’t these ‘Vampire Hunter’ earrings gorgeous!  I bought a pair of these last year and they are a lethal combination of both edgy and pretty, and perfect for parties!  These and other gothic, celtic, metaphysical and seasonal jewellery are available from Amanda at NRS Vamp Designs.

Black Cat Earrings by Squintessential

I own a few pieces of lovely jewellery by Hannah of Squintessential, and a pair of earrings which caught my eye more recently was these sweet spooky cat earrings.  When my sister mentioned how cute they were I bought them for her as a surprise and needless to say she loved them.  These ones are sold out but I’ve been told there will be more cat earrings in stock soon. [Update - these are now back in stock here] Hannah has a website which you can find here and there will also be an official website launch soon!

I think this witch bookmark would make the perfect page holder for your books and not just the spooky ones!  This bookmark is made from a print of an original painting by Theresa of Faerie Moon Creations, which is one of my favourite whimsical and magical places to shop!

I have the softest and warmest mittens and a matching hat from Linda of Uniquely Yours and was also lucky enough to win a some knitted festive goodies on her blog too.  Recently these Halloween coasters caught my eye and there's matching Halloween mug cosies and other designs you wont want to miss!

For the most stylish cross stitch, needlepoint, knitting and crochet accessories I would definitely recommend TJBdesigns! I own a set of red stitch markers (which are gorgeous) but today, in keeping with the Halloween theme, I wanted to show you Tommye's latest black and orange crochet stitch markers. 

I hoped you enjoyed these handmade Halloween designs! 
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jen :-)


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