Thursday, 8 March 2012

This Little Owl Of Mine & the Crafty Folk Team Giveaway

This Little Owl Of Mine

'The Night Owl' ACEO painted by Jen of Miss Bohemia

A few weeks ago I shared the drawing of the owl aceo I had created for the Etsy Team 'Crafty Folk' mini book giveaway.  I had offered to make an aceo rather than jewellery, so that the prize could fit within the sleeve of the mini book.

After drawing the owl, I created the background which included a tree, an evening sky and the moon.  The background represents the time of day (or should I say night) that I had created the drawing and my nocturnal sleeping habits.  It will come as no surprise that I called this painting 'The Night Owl'.

I was a little worried that my lack of painting technique would spoil my first aceo, so I sketched another owl (just in case).  Relying on part (bad) memory and part intuition, I added a varying mix of paints to the owl drawing and was very happy with the finished result, which you can see above :-)  

I'm going to keep (and treasure) the unpainted owl drawing, while the finished painted version was sent to Dawn of Lillys Night Garden / Team Leader of the Crafty Folk Team,  who added it to the collection of giveaway prizes you can see below and view in more detail on the Crafty Folk blog.   

My owl is in good company among handmade designs and works by other generous members of the Crafty Folk Team.

Current Crafty Folk Prizes donated by 

Jen from Miss Bohemia
Janice from Wellydog Gallery
Leanne from Ellodesign
Hannelore from Astrids Garden Shop
  Ana from Chanelled Creations
Trish from MoodyCowDesigns
Apryl from Bluedaisyglass 
Leanne from  The Press Gang

More to prizes to follow :-)

Jen x


UniquelyYours said...

Love the owl, it`s gorgeous. Well done.


Pam Southernwood said...

It's a beautiful owl :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

You TRULY did a fabulous job adding color to the owl. :) It looks sooooo very beautiful! :) That is some prize package the team has going there. Lots of gorgeous goodies!!!! :)

liz said...

What a great prize the winner is going to have:)


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