Saturday, 25 February 2012

The night owl's first attempt at drawing Owls

The Night Owl Draws

It's been a very long time since I did any drawings or paintings and this weekend I found myself working on my very first ACEO. I'm taking part in the Crafty Folk team mini book giveaway and decided to do an ACEO instead of making jewellery or accessories, so that it could fit neatly into the mini giveaway book pages!  

As I kept thinking of owls the day before, I decided that's what I would draw for the giveaway. These fascinating creatures are solitary, mostly nocturnal and my favourite birds of prey. 

I'm often called a 'night owl' because I'm still awake after midnight and its usually during this time when my creativity flows more freely.  I do enjoy creating during the day, but for me it's definitely more special creating during the night!

Owl Drawing by Jen

Late Friday evening, I took out my pencil and art paper and attempted to draw.  I struggled with starting the sketch at first but soon began enjoying seeing the picture come to life and it was almost like reconnecting with a lost part of myself.  I have included the owl drawing above, although it stills needs a little work and I'm still deciding whether to keep it as a drawing or add water colour paints, which would be another challenge in itself.  

I can't wait to start my next mini drawing and am thinking of mermaids or some kind of sea based design!

I will be featuring some of my favourite owl based designs, from a range of talented artists very soon!

Have you tried any new or revisited crafts or skills recently? I would love to hear about it :-)

Jen x


Faerie Moon Creations said...

You did an absolutely wonderful job!!! Cannot wait to see it with some color. :)

UniquelyYours said...

Looks gorgeous. Thats is so much more than an attempt.
I`m getting out my paints again. Haven`t done any for nearly a year. Feels good doesn`t it.



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