Monday, 6 February 2012

February Favourites!

February Favourites

To celebrate the month of February, today's feature looks at designs that follow the February birthstone 'Amethyst' and the birthstone colour 'Purple'!  Amethyst actually comes under the colour purple and is part of a wide spectrum ranging from lavender to plum!

Purple is said to represent magic,mystery as well as spirituality.  You may find the perfect gift amongst these purple hues mixed with pewter,silver or gold pate and inspired by fantasy, fairytales and magic!    

New in at Miss Bohemia this month is this fabulous Lilac 'Marie Antoinette' Keepsake Box! The box has had a special make-over to give it a distressed look and has also been made to sparkle through silver and purple glitter.  I've included a picture of the back of the box to show the fairytale message and enchanting border!  This keepsake box was designed by my talented sister 'Sammi' :-)

The bookmark above features pretty hearts in keeping with the birthstone colour for this wonderful month!

The collection below features a selection of amethyst coloured designs ranging from brooches, earrings, necklaces and hair accessories.

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Jen x

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