Friday, 17 February 2012

Fabulous Fabrics at Miss Bohemia

Fabulous Fabrics At Miss Bohemia

You'll be happy to hear that I've been putting my recently purchased sewing machine through it's paces!  I've also been having lots of fun picking out new fabrics and wanted to share some of my every growing stash and a few creations with you today.  My choice of fabrics are very similar to my choice in most things i.e. very eclectic!  I love vintage styles, pretty pinks and  vivid colours, but I also love soft and neutral tones.  I probably have a little bit more fun creating the more dramatic pieces! 

Phantom of the Opera Inspired Fabric

The first fabric I wanted to show you reminds me of the 'Phantom of the Opera'. It's so vivid and dramatic that it almost 'sings to you' and best of all it highlights my favourite colour mix of red and black!  Isn't it wonderful!  

I'm planning on making 'Phantom' inspired cushions, bags and cosmetic purses with this fabric very soon and hope they will make a great addition to my popular Phantom Jewellery, some of which are shown above.

Cute cupcake fabric

I also purchased this cute cupcake fabric at the end of last year.  I did manage to make a few purses and wallets just before Christmas, some of which were presents and some sold before I had time to add them to my shop.

   I ♥ Cupcakes Purse & mini Card Wallet

The Cupcake purse is currently only available in my Etsy Shop but both the purse and wallet will be available from Miss Bohemia soon :-)

Vintage Mementos from Paris Themed Fabric

I purchased this très chic Paris Fabric in pink and black because I couldn't choose just one!  It's full of postcards, love letters and Paris momentos.

This stylish purse is perfect for carrying your make-up, cosmetics or small accessories and was created using the pretty pink Paris Fabric.  Currently only available in my Etsy shop but also coming soon to my online website.

I ♥ UK Fabric

From Paris and now on to this  'I ♥ UK' fabric, which features iconic landmarks and sights including Big Ben, red double decker buses, Tower Bridge, the royal guards and even a royal crown!   I haven't decided what I want to make with this fabric yet but I'm thinking bolster pillows, cushions or bags :-)

I hope you've enjoyed my fabulous fabrics and designs!

Thanks as always for stopping by :-)



SimJaTa said...

Oh yes, I think the Phantom and the Paris fabrics are very you.


Debbie-Anne Parent said...

The ever-so-talented Miss Bohemia does it again! I see what you mean about the 'Phantom' fabric, it's really gorgeous. I always enjoy seeing your new creations :-)

Squintessential said...

Oooh the phantom fabric is amazing! Can't wait to see what you do with it.x

Anonymous said...

am loving the love UK fabric......always love a bit of fabric, you just can't have a big enough stash!
Jen I have nominated/awarded you a The Versatile Blogger award..pop over to my blog to check out what to do if you wish to accept!


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