Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A wise owl & a splash of colour & romance! Etsy Treasuries...

It's treasury curating time over at Miss Bohemia today!

First up is a new treasury I curated for the beginning of January! It's called 'A wise owl once said...' and it's an orange zest owl filled treasury.

This treasury was based around 'Crafty Folk' team member 'SimJaTa's' Wise Owl Bag Charm :-)  I had lots of fun picking out these designs from other handmade artists to include in this collection!

For the next treasury I chose amazing artists and members of the Crafty Folk Team on Etsy, whose beautiful works of art illustrate a story through a whirlwind of colours and styles! This one is titled 'You add colour to my black and white world'.

My last treasury to share with you is called 'All I want for Valentine's Day...'! This stylish and romantic treasury was curated by my talented friend Pearl At PlayIt features my "Once in a while...Fairytale" Keepsake Box along with the gorgeous works of other Etsians - thank you Pearl :-)

All designs in the treasuries are clickable so you can find out more about each item.

*Newsletter viewers may need to click the post link to view this treasury 

Jen x


SimJaTa said...

Wonderful treasuries Jen, I love the Orange Zest one you did for me, and loved the one with all our mega talented artists too, shared on google+ so more can see them.


Pearl @ Play said...

Wow! Lovely treasuries all! Thank you, Jen for showing my Valentine's Day collection here :)

Pearl x


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