Thursday, 27 October 2011

What's new at Miss Bohemia

What's new at Miss Bohemia

I've been a very busy bee over the last few months and that includes being creative and making lots of changes, some of which I've summarised below.

More time to create

Wake up sleepyhead

I've now left my very demanding and stressful full-time job which left me demotivated and often too tired to craft and maintain my website and shops on Etsy and Folky.  This was also one of the main reasons in me putting my original Etsy shop on hold (except for adding the occasional new listing).  I'm now in a less stressful job with less hours, which means more time for friends and family and to focus on doing what I love i.e. crafting and being creative.

My Website

My new 'Miss Bohemia' website has undergone some design changes and this continues to be a work in progress for me.  I've currently given the website a spooky Halloween makeover, but it will be back to it's usual fantasy/fairytale theme after Halloween!  I enjoy having my own website which allows me to have freedom over what I can create and list and also allows me to ability to have sales and run discounts  (enter discount code''Halloween10' to receive 10% off all orders) and create different themes or highlight new designs on my front page.  Also it is complete with tools such as a facebook 'like' button, google plus and tweet options :-)  In a similar pattern to my other outlets, I also like that my customers are from all over the world.

My Folksy Shop

I would like to say a big thank you to all the people I met through Folksy who have supported me and also to my loyal buyers.  After much thought I have decided to close my Folksy shop, which inevitably means saying goodbye to the daily listing club I was a part of and where fellow crafters helped keep me motivated.  The daily listing team run by the wonderful Natalie of NOfkantsCurios is still active on Folksy and I wish everyone who is part of this talented group well.  My decision is partly to do with the changes being made at Folksy and the way the changes are being implemented/handled and the resultant effect on community spirit. Another factor is the need to focus primarily on my website and also other creative outlets.

My Etsy shop

My Vampires Kisses Shop on Etsy will be going on hold as I set up and promote my new Miss Bohemia shop.  I have wanted to be able to change my shop name to 'Miss Bohemia' on Etsy for a while and as this option wasn't available, I set up my new 'Miss Bohemia' Etsy shop, which had been running for just under a month before Etsy announced the new changes including the ability to (you've guessed it) change your shop name :-)  I've decided to keep going with the new shop and you will occasionally see some new designs and promotions appear on my blog. 

Crafty Folk

I love being part of a team and being involved with other crafters who share the same goal and thanks to an amazing fellow crafter I met on Folksy called Dawn from Lilysnightgarden, the team spirit and daily listing challenge has been brought to life on Etsy albeit in a different shape and form.  The team is called 'Crafty Folk' and it is made up of, not just fellow Folksians, but also other Etsy artists from all over the world.  The daily listing challenge is just one of the elements of the team as well as sharing a common goal to support and help promote handmade artists, suppliers and creators in the team.  As you may remember the Etsy Treasury tool is one of my favourites to use to create collections of work of Etsy artists and I have already featured the some members designs on my blog in an 'Autumn' treasury.  I will be featuring more treasuries and highlighting the work of these talented members and others too.

More crafting adventures

I continue to learn new crafts and skills and am currently experimenting with sewing!  I can't believe all the different choices of fabrics and designs available. 
I have also been creating altered art keepsake boxes and painting on canvases.  You will see the new fabric based designs and also artwork appearing in my shops soon. 

I will also be featuring crafty tutorials and my handmade experiments on my blog and also my pursuit of having a handmade Christmas :-)

Rosewill Cottage & Miss Bohemia December Charity Square

Rosewill Cottage: The Bead Shop in Whitley Bay

 As mentioned in my previous blog posts Miss Bohemia designs are stocked at Rosewill Cottage, as part of a rental scheme for hand crafted goods, run by the lovely Dawn McClean (also of Rosewill Charms). Dawn generously donates one of her rental squares in the cottage on a monthly basis to a different artist for charity.  In addition to my usual 'Miss Bohemia' square, in the month of December I will also have an additional 'Charity' square, where the sales made from some of my designs will go directly to a charity of my choice.  I have nominated 'Diabetes UK', because it is a condition that has affected a close family member, friends and many others.  Diabetes UK has a pink logo and theme, so for the month of December I have decided to give my Miss Bohemia logo a pink makeover.  Although when I say I have, I mean I asked the original creator of my logo, the talented Debbe of 'Ephemeras Vintage Garden' to create a pink logo and pink jewellery cards for me to differentiate the designs for the 2 squares I will have in the shop in December!  So thank you to Dawn and Debbe ~ more details to follow soon.

Thank you

Thank you for sticking around to read my blog post on what I've been up to, I really appreciate that you've taken the time to stop by.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Jen x


SimJaTa said...

Well, what a lot of changes - but looks like for the better. Glad we have met up again on Etsy and the Crafty Folk team.

Look forward to reading more of your successes and fabulous crafts.

Lynda x

Debbie-Anne Parent said...

Lots new indeed! I like the spooky look on the website :-) Keep creating, you do it beautifully...

Anonymous said...

wow you have been a busy girl but you sound happy and content which is a great result and I am sure you will go from strength to strength...good luck with it all xxx

lillysnightgarden said...

Fantastic post Jen, its been a really interesting to read about all the changes. Thanks so much for the CraftyFolk mention too :) It has help to fill the void for me too since deciding to leave Folksy as I miss everyone in the daily listing club there too, especially Natalie and I wish them all well too..


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