Sunday, 10 July 2011

Printed On Ribbon Featured Review by Miss Bohemia

Printed On Ribbon Featured Review by Miss Bohemia

Today I will be reviewing a product which was kindly supplied by John from 'Printed On Ribbon'.

 John offers a personalised ribbon printing service through his Folksy shop, which is filled with a wonderful array of ribbons for crafters and all who are looking to add a special message to gifts or products!  The ribbon can also be used to promote products and as mini banners at craft stalls and events etc!  You can choose the words or message you would like to have printed on the ribbon along with colour, ribbon width and font.  The message is professionally printed using a thermal transfer printing machine!  

It was hard choosing a sample, as I was spoilt for choice with the different colours available and then I had the task of deciding on a personalised  message to be printed onto the ribbon.  In the end I chose a lovely pink colour and the message "Miss Bohemia ~ Handmade with love".  I have been working on some pretty pink trinket boxes and I thought the ribbon would add a great final touch!

I received the ribbon superquick and was delighted with the high quality of both the ribbon and the printed message.  The ribbon colour was a gorgeous deep pink and I left the choice of font up to John and he selected the perfect old fashioned 'handwritten' styled font and font colour! 

Marie Antoinette Trinket Box wrapped with pink Printed On Ribbon

   I used the beautiful ribbon to add the perfect finishing touch to one of my new 'Marie Antoinette' trinket boxes!

I also used the ribbon on another trinket box which had first been wrapped in tissue paper!

 Marie Antoinette Bookmarks with Printed On Ribbon sample

I also added a small snippet of the ribbon to my 'Marie Antoinette' Bookmarks and plan to order some of my favourite quotes and phrases to be printed on ribbon for future 'Queen Marie' and 'Alice In Wonderland bookmarks and gift tags!

Miss Bohemia highly recommends Printed On Ribbon for your creative craft projects, gifts, special occasions/celebrations and promotional material.  The ribbon is of a high quality with a professional printing service, and I received wonderful customer service from John.  The prices start at only 99pence per metre and there is no minimum order!

John's aim in business is "to only ever have happy customers" and judging from feedback left by happy customers, he is more than fulfilling this aim! 

To find out more, visit John's Printed On Ribbon shop and you can also check out John's blog for more information and updates!

Jen x


SusanKMann said...

Aww these are great. I will check these out. x

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

That's a lovely review - have yet to do mine but have to say, John's ribbon certainly is tip-top. Elaine


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