Monday, 18 July 2011

My latest creation ~ Mermaid Treasures Altered Art Trinket Box

Mermaid Treasures
Secret Garden Altered Art Keepsake Box
Those of you lovely readers who saw my "getting crafty" blog post, may remember that I spoke of wanting to explore other types of crafting.  I have recently been working on creating several altered art keepsake/jewellery boxes.  Some of these are still work in progress, but I have completed my first keepsake box and wanted to share it with you.

As I have been making lots of 'Mermaid' jewellery for my shop, I had what was originally going to be a Mermaid pendant in a bronze setting.  This mermaid charm provided the inspiration for the keepsake box I'm featuring today.  The mermaid image contains a lot of greenish and gold hues and I wanted to incorporate this into the colour theme of what started off as a small plain wooden box.

I used variety of paints, inks and stamps to create this little beauty as well as adding the mermaid setting as the focal point.  The stamps used included the word "Dream" and a vintage styled script.   Tiny dragonfly charms were also added and some of them were given a distressed stain with a darkish green hue.  I wanted to give the box a distressed vintage style.

I even decorated the inside with the same colour theme and mermaid imagery inside.   The colour scheme reminds me of a secret garden.  It's great for storing small pieces of jewellery and over secret treasures. 

I loved the way it turned out and I am already working on several new trinket boxes.

This little treasure is available in my Folksy Shop here.

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Jen x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Making a splash with my new Mermaid Giveaway & get 15% off everything

Making a splash...

The lovely Danielle over at Romance Book Junkies Blogspot is hosting a Mermaid giveaway full of Miss Bohemia Mermaid goodies (every thing you see in this pic)! Head on over to her blog for more information on how you can win here!

Just like my favourite kind of giveaways, this one is international!

To further celebrate the Summer, I am also running a Mermaid promo discount which will entitle all shoppers to 15% off everything in my Miss Bohemia shop!  Just enter 'Mermaids117' at the checkout!

Jen x

Monday, 11 July 2011

Miss Bohemia's Fantasy Mermaid collection plus new Mermaid giveaway information

Miss Bohemia's Fantasy Mermaid collection

These aquatic creatures are usually described as having a female head and upper body, and the tail of a fish! Mermaids are often depicted as Sirens of the Sea, who tempt sailors with their beauty, charm and enchanting songs. I offer you these temptations from the sea...

*Click here to see the full range *

I'm also hosting a Mermaid giveaway over at the lovely Danielle's Romance Book Junkies Blogspot here

More details to follow in my next blog post plus details of how to get 15% off everything in my Miss Bohemia shop!

Jen x

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Printed On Ribbon Featured Review by Miss Bohemia

Printed On Ribbon Featured Review by Miss Bohemia

Today I will be reviewing a product which was kindly supplied by John from 'Printed On Ribbon'.

 John offers a personalised ribbon printing service through his Folksy shop, which is filled with a wonderful array of ribbons for crafters and all who are looking to add a special message to gifts or products!  The ribbon can also be used to promote products and as mini banners at craft stalls and events etc!  You can choose the words or message you would like to have printed on the ribbon along with colour, ribbon width and font.  The message is professionally printed using a thermal transfer printing machine!  

It was hard choosing a sample, as I was spoilt for choice with the different colours available and then I had the task of deciding on a personalised  message to be printed onto the ribbon.  In the end I chose a lovely pink colour and the message "Miss Bohemia ~ Handmade with love".  I have been working on some pretty pink trinket boxes and I thought the ribbon would add a great final touch!

I received the ribbon superquick and was delighted with the high quality of both the ribbon and the printed message.  The ribbon colour was a gorgeous deep pink and I left the choice of font up to John and he selected the perfect old fashioned 'handwritten' styled font and font colour! 

Marie Antoinette Trinket Box wrapped with pink Printed On Ribbon

   I used the beautiful ribbon to add the perfect finishing touch to one of my new 'Marie Antoinette' trinket boxes!

I also used the ribbon on another trinket box which had first been wrapped in tissue paper!

 Marie Antoinette Bookmarks with Printed On Ribbon sample

I also added a small snippet of the ribbon to my 'Marie Antoinette' Bookmarks and plan to order some of my favourite quotes and phrases to be printed on ribbon for future 'Queen Marie' and 'Alice In Wonderland bookmarks and gift tags!

Miss Bohemia highly recommends Printed On Ribbon for your creative craft projects, gifts, special occasions/celebrations and promotional material.  The ribbon is of a high quality with a professional printing service, and I received wonderful customer service from John.  The prices start at only 99pence per metre and there is no minimum order!

John's aim in business is "to only ever have happy customers" and judging from feedback left by happy customers, he is more than fulfilling this aim! 

To find out more, visit John's Printed On Ribbon shop and you can also check out John's blog for more information and updates!

Jen x


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