Monday, 6 June 2011

Miss Bohemia's fantasy favourites...

Miss Bohemia's fantasy favourites...

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite fantasy designs with you.  Fantasies and fairytales often add a wonderful touch of magic to books and indeed make up many of my favourite reads!  I also love to see fantastical and often mythical creatures brought to life through art.  It was probably inevitable that it would spill over into my jewellery making, whether greek mythology, witches, wizards or mermaids!

Medusa was borne from Greek mythology. A Gorgon with serpents for hair, whose gaze was said to turn men (and women) to stone, and beheaded by Perseus! 

This gorgeous Altered Art Fantasy necklace comes complete with a haunting image of Medusa by Arnold Böcklin (c. 1878). The image has been set in a silver plated setting & covered with a clear protection glossy finish and hung on on a matching coloured chain!  Wear this and dare others to gaze upon the 'head of Medusa'!

This stunning necklace was inspired by one of my favourite musicals 'The Phantom of The Opera' or Le Fantôme de l'Opéra.

The main attractions of this beauty are the phantom's half mask, which he wears to hide his deformity and a red rose, which he gives to Christine, who drops it in the snow after declaring her love for another. The Phantom recaptures the fallen rose and holds it to his chest while feeling great heartbreak and pain from unrequited love!

The 'Mermaids' Song' comes from Carl Maria von Weber's popular Opera 'Oberon', and the mermaid image within the pendant has been reproduced from the 1866 vintage sheet music cover!

The beautiful but haunting mermaid image is held within a silver plated frame! Also attached is a darkened silver plated oyster and shell hung from a darkened silver plated chain.

*Oberon is a King of the fairies in medieval literature, and probably most known from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.  

Gorgeous earrings inspired by myths and fairytales features a beautiful mermaid held within vintage brass settings. The mermaid is captured within a gorgeous green & blue background and the image is held within the frame! Also attached are small sea shells and all are hung from lever back gold plated old fashioned earrings.

I hope you have enjoyed my fantasy based favourites!

What's your favourite fairytale?

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