Monday, 22 March 2010

Alice In Wonderland Inspiration Through The Looking Glass

Alice In Wonderland

I've always loved Alice In Wonderland;- the whimsical characters (especially the crazy ones), the books, the films and the mad but meaningful quotes!  

 For a long time, Alice in Wonderland has been a popular inspiration for fashion and jewellery, and with Tim Burton's newly released take on this delightful tale, it seems everyone has gone as 'Mad as a hatter'!

So come with me on an adventure 'down the rabbit hole' as I explore these 'fabulous finds' with themes of Alice!


Alice inspired prints, paintings & other artwork

One of my favourites is this 'Alice and the White Queen' print which features  thelucidimage's interpretation of a 'topsy-turvy Wonderland' and 'where reality blurs into fantasy'.


 I just love this Painting The Roses Red print.  It is a stunning but subtle Alice themed print by ALPhotography.


Another favourite of mine is this "Croquet Anyone?..." Portrait of the Queen of Hearts, which is an original high quality oil painting by meaghiesart


Alice inspired jewellery 

John Tenniel's 1865 classic images of Alice & The Mad Hatter provide the inspiration for these gorgeous Alice pendants. Both pendants have been created using brass charms and settings, which make them more vintage looking!

These wonderful pendants have been handmade by  JeweledAmbrosia


Rhiannon228 has a selection of both classic Alice illustrated Alice pendants  (see left) and cute but funky 'We're all mad here'  pendants (see below).  The pendants are made using glass tiles!


The Queen of Hearts was the inspiration behind this sparkly and dramatic piece by Natalie52688. Entitled 'Royal Purple & Red Queen of Hearts Rhinestone Statement Necklace'!


This cute wooden 'Alice loves Wonderland' doll is by peanutbutterbandit.

I also couldn't resist featuring this 'Queen of Hearts' doll pendant too!  


This 'Running Rabbit' fused art glass pendant will make a perfect gift in time for Easter and is made by FirstLightGlass, who specializes in handfused jewellery!

Other Alice inspirations

will come in handy for those special occasions or Alice themed parties!


My Alice inspired creations

I have listed a few of my Alice themed creations and these are available in my MissBohemia Folksy shop (also coming to Etsy & DaWanda soon)

Alice inspired 'Through the looking glass keyring/bagchain.

Alice in Wonderland 'Mad Hatter' Glass Pendant

Alice in Wonderland Mobile Phone Charm

There are so many more fabulous Alice in Wonderland finds that I will be visiting this theme again very soon!  

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I've been a busy busy bee...Alice, Vampires & Gothic Inspired Jewellery

I've been working hard on producing some new and exciting pieces for my bohemianbluez online shops and for the up-and-coming Craft Fair. I've almost completed what I needed to get done except for a few final touches that I need to make on some pendants and a little more prep work for the Craft Fair.

Once the craft fair is over I will be adding the new collections to my online Folksy, DaWanda and Etsy Shops!

New earring collection

Down The Rabbit Hole With Alice Themed Pieces

Vamp & Alice Inspired Bookmarks

My Gothic & Vamp Inspired Collection

Sign up to my blog or my facebook page for more information about bohemianbluez jewellery!

I will also be featuring some great Alice themed pieces on my blog from fellow Etsians shortly!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The illusion of size! too small for my tea party

One side will make you grow smaller...

Still working on my jewellery for the craft fair, and having placed several supply orders,  I was really excited when my parcels arrived!

One of the parcels included some miniature china tea cups and saucers, which I planned to make into rings as part of my Alice collection.  They looked big enough in the pics (I know I should know better), and I thought I had checked the saucer size & diameter would be suitable for making rings, but when I opened the package, they were tiny!!!  

It's not the first time this has happened when ordering jewellery supplies and I wonder if my mind is so overstimulated by the big visual images seen on the screen, that it somehow disregards real measurements?

One side will make you grow smaller...

The ones I usually use are on the left (see above) and the newer ones are on the right!  While I expected them to be a bit smaller, they are almost invisible to the naked eye ha ha!

I'm now trying to think what I can make with them?

Any ideas? 

Monday, 8 March 2010

What I'm currently working on... Alice in Wonderland

Themes of Alice

With my up-and-coming first craft show a mere two weeks away, I have been working hard in my studio (ok my room)!  I am currently completing my Alice themed pieces and am about halfway there (with some help from my identical hand twin)!  The collection includes charm bracelets, pendants, rings and some earrings I've yet to create, but have an idea of what they will look like!

Alice in Wonderland charm bracelets (almost complete)

 The gold ones are almost complete, and I just need to set the images in the frame (I usually do this before attaching the frames to the links).  This is one of my least favourite tasks as it involves pouring glaze into the frame and waiting (at least 24 hours) for it to set.  The first few hours are crucial as air bubbles can appear and are a right pain to get rid of(especially the smaller ones)!  It seems like every time I leave the room, I am greeted with the mysterious appearance of bubbles.  I think I will leave the glaze until tomorrow and  continue working on the silver bracelets!

I'm not sure whether to list a few online and then re-make any that sell before the craft show (if I have time)!  It would be good to make a few online sales but I still need a good collection to display at the craft fair - something to think about I guess! 

And now for a sneak peak at other pieces I'm working on...

Hopefully most of these will also be appearing in my online shops soon!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Fabulous blog giveaways....

Since signing up to Twitter I have found out about a number of giveaways with the kind of cool prizes that help feed both my craft & paranormal romance addictions! 

  Poison Apple Apothecary are giving away this gorgeous Poison Apple Apothecary Tin.

The oils range from an 'Alice In Wonderland' inspired line to a 'Vamped' perfume oil which is described as "a unique scent combines dark violets, black tea leaves, and a sheer veil of musk" & encourages you to "release your inner sexpot"!  To find out more click here!

Friday, 5 March 2010

My daily sugar fix!

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I am a self confessed sugar & chocoholic (among many other things)! 

One of my favourite pastimes is settling down with a good book & a scrumptious sugary treat (think haagan daaz, sticky toffee pudding, cupcakes with icing  & sprinkles yum)!  And while I try to keep my addiction to an occasionally sweet treat, my good intentions never last longer than a day!

But then again a spoonful of sugar will certainly help the medicine go down & is a recommended pick me up for 'what ails ya'. Luckily I have recently spotted what is sure to be a new sugar addiction that looks just as good but minus the calories!

These delightful mini cupcake Bath Bombs by Braggin' Rights Bath look just like the real thing!  They have a sweet scent and a few of my favourite food ingredients;- lemon zest, meringue, whipped cream and Madagascan vanilla, as well as raw shea butter! 

 Another tempting offering is the calorie free Raspberry Cream Pie soap, which also contains shea butter, this time with an oatmeal blend!

Check out Braggin' Rights Bath Etsy shop for more of these great bath treats!

Calorie free, sugar free = guilt free!


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