Sunday, 7 November 2010

Miss Bohemia's New Purple Collection

Miss Bohemia's Purple Collection

Purple (one of my favourite colours) is said to represent spirituality, magic and mystery!  Purple was also often associated with royalty (stemming back to a time when it was so expensive to produce, that usually only the wealthy could afford it). Created from a mix of red and blue, purple covers a wide spectrum ranging from lavender (named after a flower) to Amethyst (named after a gemstone and also represents the birthstone for February), to plum (named after a fruit).

 I have been working on a new selection of 'purple' jewellery and accessories and have featured a selection for you below :-) 

Can I tempt you with these decandent purple hues mixed with dark silver or gold (plated) to create sparkly gothic pieces, fairytale magic and romance. 


Faerie Moon Creations said...

They're all so lovely! The hairpins are so elegant! Theresa

MissBohemia said...

Thanks Theresa, I both welcome and appreciate your comments :-)


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