Monday, 27 September 2010

Miss Bohemia Gives Thanks to ...

As someone who rarely wins anything, I have recently been very lucky and won some great prizes, I wanted to blog about! 

These are the goodies that have arrived in my mailbox and I wanted to share them with you, and also say thank you to the generous prize givers!

Cosmetic Bag Set from Dizzy Little Kingdom

 One of the first giveaways I won was held by Killera (on twitter), on her wonderful blog Dizzy Little Kingdom!  It was a nice surprise when I saw her tweet with the runner up winner announcement.  I received a beautiful matching cosmetic bag set, and the clutch purse has an adorable aged bronze art nouveau button :-) 

Swag & Book from Wicked Readings By Tawania

I was also lucky enough to win some swag and a book of my choice from Tawania, who hosts a fab blog called Wicked Readings By Tawania, which is all about her love of paranormal romance books and includes reviews, giveaways, recipes and more! I chose Avalan Revisted by O.M. Grey, as I've been wanting to read this book for ages!  Tawania was so sweet and filled my bag with extra swag, which I am going to put to good use very soon! 

Handmade Gothic Pendant By Angel Elements

The last prize I wanted to share with you today is this pendant by Angel Elements. I won the giveaway on twitter, and the prize was to choose any pendant from her Etsy shop which specialises in handmade and custom designed jewellery. I chose this gothic styled heart and key design!  The pics do not do this pendant justice ' it's so sleek and shiny!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my wonderful goodies!

* Thank you *


Tawania said...

Awe... Thanks and congrats on winning all of your prizes. The blog is lovely btw.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

WOW! You won some fabulous goodies. Enjoy them all! I love that cosmetic bag and clutch, especially! THeresa

Gemma said...

You lucky bunny! Fab prizes


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