Friday, 1 October 2010

Folksy Friday ~ Steampunk Splendour

Folksy Friday ~ Steampunk Splendour

Today's Folksy Friday theme is all about my Steampunk finds on Folksy!

Steampunk Time Traveller A4 print by Silent Theatre

Steampunk is often described as many things, including a fusion of science fiction, fantasy, steam powered mechanics and technology.  It is often based on the Victorian era or a futuristic version of the future.  With fashion and jewellery, I love Steampunk pieces that incorporate Victorian styles, fantasy, romance and mechanical or technical looking components!

Today's 'steampunk' Folksy finds (including one of my own) have been handpicked by my lovely Sister 'Sha'!

TIMEWARPERS Lovechild Boudoir
Steampunkstorm Miss Bohemia
Splendid Emporium of unique steampunk jewellery omedaygoday
Zuzu's Petals Altered Art 'n' Stuff Vintedge Jewellery
1. FLEUR DE NOIR victorian steampunk gothic gloves by TIMEWARPERS
2. QUEEN OF THE NIGHT Gothic Steampunk Corset Jacket by Lovechild Boudoir
3. Steampunk "Tattered Lace" Cuff/Bangle by Steampunkstorm
4. Tick Tock Goes The Beat Of My Steampunk Heart by Miss Bohemia
5. Altered art jazz owl steampunk 'a hoot' brooch/pendant by Splendid Emporium of unique steampunk jewellery
6. Evidences & Anticipations - Steampunk Assemblage Purse Necklace or Curiosity by comedaygoday
7. Steampunk altered pocketwatch with Bee and butterfly by Zuzu's Petals Altered Art 'n' Stuff
8. AHOY THERE Binoculars Brass Pendant by Vintedge Jewellery

Young man on roller skates that are pedaled (1910)
United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs


Zuzu's Blog said...

Thank you for including me in your beautiful steampunk finds on folksy

Sarah said...

You've picked amazing things!

I had no idea what steampunk was before this blog but I love everything you've picked!

(The Broken Doll)

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely items! I want them all!


Gemma said...

Love love love that corset jacket. Sigh

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I love the steampunk look, as well. You made such wonderful choices here! :) Theresa


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