Monday, 23 August 2010

The Vampire’s Bride Giveaway

The Vampire’s Bride

Giveaway Winners announced!

A big thank you to everyone who entered Miss Bohemia's Gothic Giveaway!  I have compiled all the entries by number and used Random.Org to select the winners of these great prizes.


1st Prize Winner ~ Joanna (Team Vamp)
I ♥ Vampires Fang Necklace & Red Swarovski Vampire's Heart
2nd Prize Winner ~ Scarlett (Team Were & Team Vamp)
Mini ‘Drink Me’ Blood Vial Necklace

3rd Prize Winner ~ Surge (Team Vamp)
Gorgeous Blood Drop Earrings


All winners have now been contacted by email.  Your prizes will be sent out once your contact details have been received! Contact must be made within 48 hours!

*The next Miss Bohemia Giveaway will take place during September!

*If you havent already, please check out my new online shop at 'Miss Bohemia' for some really cool jewellery!


Joanna said...

Cool thanks!! I responded to the email!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I love my pendant! I'm hoping a Sexy Vamp will take a bite out of me! :)



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