Sunday, 2 May 2010

Not Really Southern Vamp Chick Birthday Countdown

If you haven't already, head on over Vamp Chick's fabulous site for her Giveaway-A-Day Countdown to her 25th Birthday Bash!

  The event starts today with a great swagtastic giveaway!

The Schedule of Events for this massive giveaway are listed below.

May 1st~ Intro & Rules & Giveaway
May 2nd~ Ask NRSVampChick & Giveaway
May 3rd~ Aria of Aria’s Dark Musings Guest Post & Giveaway
May 4th~ T.L. Mitchell: Guest Post & Giveaway
May 5th~ Laura Stamps: Interview & Giveaway
May 6th~ Michele Hauf: Interview & Giveaway
May 7th~ O.M. Grey: Interview & Giveaway
*May 8th~ Miss Bohemia: Guest Post & Giveaway
May 9th~ Keta Diablo: Interview & Giveaway
May 10th~ Faerie Moon Creations: Interview & Giveaway
May 11th~ Nancy Holzner: Guest Post & Giveaway
May 12th~Carolyn Crane: Guest Post & Giveaway
May 13th~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! LOL- Interview w/ me by Book Faery & Giveaway!
May 31st~ Contests end at 11:59 PM CDT.
June 4th~ Winners will be announced!

*I will also be doing a guest post & there will be a giveaway prize from my Vampire Kisses Etsy shop on the 8th May 2010! Further info to be announced at here!

Be sure to check out the rules before you enter!

Good luck everyone :-)

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Amanda Leigh said...

Thanks for the post! And thanks for participating in my Bday Bash!


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