Sunday, 18 April 2010

New Etsy Sales & Folksy shop promotions coming soon!

Etsy first sale promotion

Coming soon in my 
'Vampires Kisses' Miss Bohemia shop

I will be having my Etsy sale in 7 days time!

This will be my first Etsy sale and it will be a 'big' one.

I will be offering a staggering 20% off all purchases (excludes shipping costs) in my 'Vampire Kisses' Etsy shop during the 7 days of my sale.  The sale will run from Sunday 25th April and end on Sunday 2nd May.  Anything you purchase and pay for during this period will receive a 20% off refund payment back to your paypal account.

I will be listing many more items over the next 7 days before the sale starts & remember, this promotion is for 7 days only, after which all jewellery will return to their regular prices.

I have included some recently listed pieces in my shop below but please checkout my shop for the full collection!

 My 'Bleeding Heart' Victorian Vintage Styled Love Pendant

This spellbinding 'Bleeding Heart' pendant symbolises the cruel side of love.

This Vampire Bites - Velvet Heart And Fangs Cuff Bracelet

A black soft velvet cuff forms this gorgeous Vampire Bites bracelet.

Gothic Dark Silver Dragons Egg Phantom Ring

A beautiful white acrylic cabochon, evocative of a dragons egg, set in an antique silver plated gothic base give this ring the unique character, that sets it apart from others of its kind. 

Alice In Wonderland Red Hearts Theme Charm Bracelet

The bracelet and charms represent different aspects of Alice in Wonderland and her journey down the rabbit hole. Includes two sealed images of Alice and one of the Queen of Hearts.

Coming soon in my 
'Miss Bohemia' Folksy shop 

*£5 or under*
I will producing some new jewellery in my Folksy shop, which will be available for £5.00 or under.  I have a range of different pieces planned and it will include pendants, rings, earrings & bracelets.  I'm still working on them but plan to have most of them in the shop by the end of next week. 

I've included a sneak peak of some of the items so you can have an idea of what to expect.

Childhood revisited Rocking Horse Pendant £5.00

Childhood revisited Unicorn Pendant £5.00

Vintage inspired Sewing Machine Pendant £5.00

'I love you' Postcard Pendant £5.00

For more information and updates,
see my Miss Bohemia facebook page

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Love your blog, and excited about your future promotions! :)


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