Monday, 5 April 2010

And The Award Goes To .... Part 1

Blog Awards

I have received my first blogger award and, well, its pretty exciting, so I'm going to blog about it and proudly display it here & on my sidebar!

My first blog award comes from fellow blogger Amanda Leigh
@Not Really Southern Vamp Chick (her blog is a favourite of mine)!  It features paranormal romance & urban fantasy books with cool promotions & giveaways!  There's also a great 'Shop on Saturday' section which features cool finds!

I have also received a 'Most Amazing Follower' award and from Velvet at vv32 reads! Velvet's blog features YA books on zombies, vampires, steampunk, Japanese & Jane Austin!

 (please note: award above was created by Emma Michaels)

I am going to send this one out to all of my amazing followers shortly.

If my followers so choose, they can pass it on too. Just make sure to add this footnote with link on your blog post:

please note: award was created by Emma Michaels

Thank you Amanda & Velvet :-)

I will also being giving out awards for my favourite blogs.  

Stay tuned.....


Amanda Leigh said...

Aww, thanks for all the kind words! That was so nice!! Velvet's blog is really awesome. Congrats on your awards! ;)

Miss Bohemia said...

Your welcome Amanda!

You know I love your blog :-)

Velvet's is fab too & I've been reading through her older blog posts too!


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