Monday, 8 March 2010

What I'm currently working on... Alice in Wonderland

Themes of Alice

With my up-and-coming first craft show a mere two weeks away, I have been working hard in my studio (ok my room)!  I am currently completing my Alice themed pieces and am about halfway there (with some help from my identical hand twin)!  The collection includes charm bracelets, pendants, rings and some earrings I've yet to create, but have an idea of what they will look like!

Alice in Wonderland charm bracelets (almost complete)

 The gold ones are almost complete, and I just need to set the images in the frame (I usually do this before attaching the frames to the links).  This is one of my least favourite tasks as it involves pouring glaze into the frame and waiting (at least 24 hours) for it to set.  The first few hours are crucial as air bubbles can appear and are a right pain to get rid of(especially the smaller ones)!  It seems like every time I leave the room, I am greeted with the mysterious appearance of bubbles.  I think I will leave the glaze until tomorrow and  continue working on the silver bracelets!

I'm not sure whether to list a few online and then re-make any that sell before the craft show (if I have time)!  It would be good to make a few online sales but I still need a good collection to display at the craft fair - something to think about I guess! 

And now for a sneak peak at other pieces I'm working on...

Hopefully most of these will also be appearing in my online shops soon!

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