Thursday, 4 March 2010

Introducing Bohemianbluez & my first post!!!

A blog about the daily pursuits of a jewellery crafter who makes handcrafted creations inspired by love, life, fairytales, fantasy, gothic glamour, a touch of supernatural (vampires, etc), geekery and a dash of magic!

I love love love reading books and the only thing that can top my love of books is making jewellery and crafting! What started off as a hobby has quickly became an obsession!

I also love listening to music (especially while I'm making jewellery) & reading books on various tops and this includes: supernatural (vampires, werewolves & other supernatural beings), thrillers, romantic stories, fairytales and of course art & crafts and jewellery making books! My favourite books include ;- Interview with a Vampire, The Sookie Stackhouse Series, The Tooth Fairy, The Changeover, the She Devil, Alice in Wonderland, His Dark Materials, and fav films/tv includes: - The labyrinth, Heavenly Creatures, The Company of Wolves, Chocolat, Perfume, Being Human, American Gothic & True Blood etc.

My inspiration comes from these books, films, life experiences and a touch of magic & this is demonstrated in my pieces! I love using deep reds, purples and emerald green for my gothic jewellery and the pic below shows a beautiful 'gothic' ring (one of my first sales online)!

I hope you will follow me as I enter the world of bohemia!

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