Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The illusion of size! too small for my tea party

One side will make you grow smaller...

Still working on my jewellery for the craft fair, and having placed several supply orders,  I was really excited when my parcels arrived!

One of the parcels included some miniature china tea cups and saucers, which I planned to make into rings as part of my Alice collection.  They looked big enough in the pics (I know I should know better), and I thought I had checked the saucer size & diameter would be suitable for making rings, but when I opened the package, they were tiny!!!  

It's not the first time this has happened when ordering jewellery supplies and I wonder if my mind is so overstimulated by the big visual images seen on the screen, that it somehow disregards real measurements?

One side will make you grow smaller...

The ones I usually use are on the left (see above) and the newer ones are on the right!  While I expected them to be a bit smaller, they are almost invisible to the naked eye ha ha!

I'm now trying to think what I can make with them?

Any ideas? 


Moi Sanom said...

you could use them as charms for necklaces and bracelets where you add many different little charms...i hope you know what i mean...

Miss Bohemia said...

I do know what you mean & your right :-) There a bit small to have on there own, but with other charms they would look great!

Thanks you :-)


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