Monday, 22 March 2010

Alice In Wonderland Inspiration Through The Looking Glass

Alice In Wonderland

I've always loved Alice In Wonderland;- the whimsical characters (especially the crazy ones), the books, the films and the mad but meaningful quotes!  

 For a long time, Alice in Wonderland has been a popular inspiration for fashion and jewellery, and with Tim Burton's newly released take on this delightful tale, it seems everyone has gone as 'Mad as a hatter'!

So come with me on an adventure 'down the rabbit hole' as I explore these 'fabulous finds' with themes of Alice!


Alice inspired prints, paintings & other artwork

One of my favourites is this 'Alice and the White Queen' print which features  thelucidimage's interpretation of a 'topsy-turvy Wonderland' and 'where reality blurs into fantasy'.


 I just love this Painting The Roses Red print.  It is a stunning but subtle Alice themed print by ALPhotography.


Another favourite of mine is this "Croquet Anyone?..." Portrait of the Queen of Hearts, which is an original high quality oil painting by meaghiesart


Alice inspired jewellery 

John Tenniel's 1865 classic images of Alice & The Mad Hatter provide the inspiration for these gorgeous Alice pendants. Both pendants have been created using brass charms and settings, which make them more vintage looking!

These wonderful pendants have been handmade by  JeweledAmbrosia


Rhiannon228 has a selection of both classic Alice illustrated Alice pendants  (see left) and cute but funky 'We're all mad here'  pendants (see below).  The pendants are made using glass tiles!


The Queen of Hearts was the inspiration behind this sparkly and dramatic piece by Natalie52688. Entitled 'Royal Purple & Red Queen of Hearts Rhinestone Statement Necklace'!


This cute wooden 'Alice loves Wonderland' doll is by peanutbutterbandit.

I also couldn't resist featuring this 'Queen of Hearts' doll pendant too!  


This 'Running Rabbit' fused art glass pendant will make a perfect gift in time for Easter and is made by FirstLightGlass, who specializes in handfused jewellery!

Other Alice inspirations

will come in handy for those special occasions or Alice themed parties!


My Alice inspired creations

I have listed a few of my Alice themed creations and these are available in my MissBohemia Folksy shop (also coming to Etsy & DaWanda soon)

Alice inspired 'Through the looking glass keyring/bagchain.

Alice in Wonderland 'Mad Hatter' Glass Pendant

Alice in Wonderland Mobile Phone Charm

There are so many more fabulous Alice in Wonderland finds that I will be visiting this theme again very soon!  


First Light Glass said...

Beautiful creations! Thanks for including me!

DesignDream said...

Thanks for featuring my work Jen!

Jeweled Ambrosia said...

You have really found some great treasures here, I love to see the diversity and talent!! Thanks so much for including some of my charm necklaces :)

RhiannonSTR said...

Alice in Wonderland is THE BEST!!! I love your collection. Thank you so much for including my pendants :)

Rayvenwoodmanor said...

Love Alice in Wonderland!

Mindy B said...

Running Rabbit from is SO Awesome!!!!
Great Theme!

The Peanut Butter Bandit said...

Thank you so much for including my doll pendants. Great Alice items all around!

Evyy's Studio said...

You have found some great items in a great theme!

Bohemianbluez said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments & thank you to my fellow Etsians for allowing me to feature your fine Alice themed jewellery, prints & paintings.


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