Sunday, 5 December 2010

Gorgeous Gemstones with the Folksy December Elves

There's a new name for the Folksy daily listing club and for this month its the 'December Elves'! We have all been busy working away (like little elves) creating and listing new beautiful designs within our shops! 

The theme I have chosen for this week's featured designs are gorgeous gemstones, which make the perfect gift when you're looking for something special! 

The first two items below are my new designs;- no gemstones, but the first one has a black glass faceted teardrop bead and the second one has a vintage black glass stone which resembles an onyx gemstone!

Decandently Dark Neo Victorian Black Rose Necklace by Miss Bohemia

 Midnight Moon Crescent Bag Charm Keyring by Miss Bohemia
I love the shape, colour and design of this Tiger Iron Gemstone Violin/Cello Keyring by NOfkantsCurios

Gorgeous colour and smooth textured Green Moss Agate Earrings by SP Jewellery

This beautiful Green Indian Agate Pendant in Sterling Silver by JAustenJewelleryDesign is one of my favourites from her Folksy Shop

Stunning Semi Precious Purple Zebra Jasper & Silver Plated Bracelet by Maxine Veronica Jewellery

Warm and rich toned November Stone Citrine Bracelet by Alicia's Stones

Simply gorgeous earrings pink rhodonite stones with freshwater pearls by Blue Forest Jewellery

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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Winter Wonderland Giveaway & Guest Blog over at Susan K Mann's Blog

I'm doing a 'Winter Wonderland' guest blog post and giveaway over at Susan K Mann's fabulous blog! Head on over to see some of my new 'Winter' creations and don't forget to enter the giveway!  

It's another international one, so everyone can enter!

Jen x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

November Sparks on Folksy Week 3 - A Touch Of Frost

A Touch Of Frost with the November Sparks

Week 3 of the Folksy November Sparks daily listing challenge is underway and my listings have been quite erratic, while I work on my website and other activities, but I do have some lovely new pieces to share with you.

With the cold weather and forecast of Snow this week (in the UK), it seems a perfect time to share my 'Winter Collection' with you :-)  

'Winter Romance' Charm Bracelet & Earrings by Miss Bohemia

Winter Wonderland Fairy Bag Charm Keyring by Miss Bohemia

Winter Wonderland Fairy Necklace by Miss Bohemia

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have also selected some of my favourite 'Winter pieces' from other November Sparks :-)

'Retro Mod' Pearl Bracelet & Earring Set by Kokokelli Handmade Jewellery & Greeting Cards

Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver Ring by Unique Beaded Gems

Fern Necklace - Fine Silver Pendant by Esme Dodsworth Design

Card - Grey Embossed Tree by Lilly's Night Garden

Feather and Crystal Hair comb by WellyDog Designs

Soft & Luxurious White Scarf by UniquelyYours

Rudolph....White by Mushy...Makes

Icy Snowflake by Mystic's Realm

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monday, 15 November 2010

Miss Bohemia ~ Howling At The Moon/Wolf Giveaway hosted by Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick

Howling At The Moon/Wolf Giveaway

I'm having a special giveaway over at Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick's fabulous Paranormal/urban fantasy blog :-)  3 great prizes (see above) can be won in my 'Howling At The Moon' (Alcide & Jacob etc) based giveaway! 

It's international too, so everyone can enter!

Hope to see you there :-)

Red is the colour of my heart! Accessories at Miss Bohemia

Red has often been said to represent fire, passion, power and an intensity to love! It is also one of my favourite colours when making jewellery and accessories. I have put together this special edition of some hot red accessories available at Miss Bohemia

I am also offering free shipping until the 28th November 2010 (select this option at checkout)!

 ♥ Enjoy ♥

Friday, 12 November 2010

What's new on Folksy - Shades of Black by the November Sparks

With week 2 of the Folksy November Sparks coming to an end, I have continued to list a new piece almost every day and have enjoyed looking through the jewellery and accessories created by other November Sparks! 

This week's post features my new gothic ring and some of my favourites from the November Sparks!  The choices below all have are all centred around the colour black, and some have a gothic edge, while others have been cleverly mixed with other shades to create stylish and stunning results!

Kiss At Midnight Black Gothic Dahlia Filigree Ring by Miss Bohemia

I love these Eco Black Hotpantaloon Bloomers by Gaia Noir

Gorgeous Fused Glass Pendant - Dragonfly by Blue Daisy Glass

Stunning Black Velvet Orchid Veiled Small Fascinator by Imogen's Imagination

I really want this White Slate Crocheted Mug Cosy, for the mug in your life by NOfkantsCurios

*Clicking on the shop names will take you directly to the item!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Featuring Purrversia ~ The Bewitching Artisan

Sophisticated Vampire shoot by Purrversia. Custom Blood Vial Fangs Necklace by Vampire Wear

I am delighted to announce that today's post is all about 'Rachel' aka Purrversia, a highly creative talented artist, designer and model! 
Rachel finds inspiration from everything; nature, television, books, other artists and people!  She describes herself as always having a 'vivid imagination' and a bit of a dark side (having grown up with Elvira and Vincent Price), but she also has a penchant for cute and pretty things like Hello Kitty and sparkly gems!

  Rachel cites some of her favourite books as 'The Complete Tales and Poems' by Edgar Allan Poe, 'Alice In Wonderland' & 'Through The Looking Glass' by Lewis Carroll!  Her favourite supernatural creatures are vampires, although as a fan of the urban fantasy genre she also enjoys reading about witches, weres, fae and shapeshifters, and includes Laurell K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison and Kelley Armstrong amongst her favourite authors.  As one of Rachel's hobbies includes dressing up and cosplay, you won't be surprised to know that she appeared as as one of her favourite characters 'Anita Blake' alongside author Laurell K. Hamilton as part of the Dragon*Con Parade (2008)!

Rachel's family have a long history of crafting, sewing and other artistic passions, one of which is called 'Where The Little Things Are'. This delightful shop is run by Rachel and her Mother, where they create a unique range of jewellery and handcrafted accessories conjured up from their imagination, as well as welcoming custom orders!  

Red Cherry & Black Padded Crochet Hook Case

One of my favourites from this shop is the stunning Purple Fleur De Lis Necklace, and one of the best selling items is the Red Cherry & Black Crochet Hook Case, which folds into a pretty pouch (see above)!  You can find 'Where The Little Things Are' on Zibbet, Etsy, Artfire and Ebay!

 Lost Vampire Boone t-shirt

Rachel has another creative outlet, designing t-shirts, gifts and accessories via CafePress.  One example is her wickedly witty Lost Vampire 'Story of Boone' t-shirt. Other designs, quotes and links can be found
here! She also has another store on CafePress under the name Kaotic Rebel Designs, which is where you'll find her 'Get Pixed' Kim Harrison-approved shirt, as well as Pirate Pilates etc.

 Cherry Dress, Fallen Apple Photography

 Rachel also finds time to model and has worked with Fallen Apple Photography, Missconstrued Boutique, and is currently working with Etsy Artists NimblerGrove and Puppycatmeow modelling hair accessories.  Some of you may also recognise Rachel from my Halloween Dark Delights blog post, where she was wearing a customised 'Drink Me' Pendant and modelling at a recent Vampire shoot!  You can view more of Rachel's modelling work and her 'cosplay' characters on her facebook page here, or connect with her on twitter.

While Rachel intends to continue with her modelling and current activities, as a business entrepreneur, she intends to put her creative skills to good use through future projects, which include the expansion of her stores, extending her tee designing range, creating new artwork, jewellery and much more!

"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."
Edgar Allan Poe "Eleonora"

Sophisticated Vampire shoot by Purrversia. Custom Gothic 'Drink Me' Blood Vial with Bat necklace by Miss Bohemia

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about the multi-talented Purrversia, who we will no doubt be seeing more of in the future!  

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Miss Bohemia's New Purple Collection

Miss Bohemia's Purple Collection

Purple (one of my favourite colours) is said to represent spirituality, magic and mystery!  Purple was also often associated with royalty (stemming back to a time when it was so expensive to produce, that usually only the wealthy could afford it). Created from a mix of red and blue, purple covers a wide spectrum ranging from lavender (named after a flower) to Amethyst (named after a gemstone and also represents the birthstone for February), to plum (named after a fruit).

 I have been working on a new selection of 'purple' jewellery and accessories and have featured a selection for you below :-) 

Can I tempt you with these decandent purple hues mixed with dark silver or gold (plated) to create sparkly gothic pieces, fairytale magic and romance. 

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

November Sparks on Folksy Week 1

Week 1 of the Folksy November daily listing challenge is underway and we shall now be known as the 'November Sparks'! I have listed a few pieces of new 'sparkly' jewellery and accessories which all have a 'purple' theme, as it's one of my favourite colours! 

My new listings for November on Folksy

Miss Bohemia Miss Bohemia Miss Bohemia
1. Amethyst Sparkle Silver Filigree Locket Necklace
2. Mermaid & Amethyst Bookmark - Into The Sea
3. Gothic Amethyst / Purple Hair Pins with Filigree Flower Settings

I also wanted to share some gorgeous designs from other talented Folky Artists! I have chosen some fabulously 'red' jewellery and accessories, and some more softer choices which remind me of a soft and dreamy Winter!

Beautifully Red

The Glass Mountain Putting on the Charms

2. The Glass Mountain
3. Putting on the Charms
4. pipdesigns
5. PaintedGhost
6. NOfkantsCurios

Winter romance

Maxine Veronica Jewellery
Heirloom Bunting
2. Maxine Veronica Jewellery
3. Heirloom Bunting

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Miss Bohemia's Halloween Dark Delights

Halloween is almost upon us and it's one of my favourite times of the year!  I love the mystery and magic surrounding Halloween,the spooky tales, horror films and Halloween parties!  It's also fun to see creepy costumes such as ghosts, witches, vampires and werewolves come to life! 

Miss Bohemia 'Drink Me' Blood Vial Pendant worn by Rachel/Purrversia (Model/Designer) at a Vampire Shoot

Black and orange are known as traditional colours, but other colours such as red are often popular at this time of year too!  I have compiled my favourite gothic pieces from my Miss Bohemia shop, most of which have hints of red (my favourite colour)!  Here you will find something for the wolves, the vamps, witches and some other gothic pieces!

Shop / product links below

My ideal Halloween Party guests would include True Blood's Eric, Alcide and Lafayette, Anne Rice's Vampires, The Lost Boys, Damon from Vampire Diaries and a few cool kick-ass witches!
Who would you invite to your Halloween Party?

Whether you are trick or treating, carving pumpkins, partying or staying in, I wish you all a good time :-)

Stay tuned for my mini Midweek Gothic Giveaway :-)

Please head over to my fellow blogger Susan K Mann's fabulous site where she has a special feature on Miss Bohemia as well as some spooky Halloween blog posts!


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